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The overall duration expected for the project is 36 months and the activities that are going to be developed throughout the project will be structured in 9 Work Packages each of them divided into different tasks. Five of them correspond to research activities (WP1 to WP4 and WP7), while WP8 is related to dissemination, exploitation and training activities, WP9 for management and WP5 and WP6 will be dedicated to demonstration activities.




In WP1, reference pigments to be modified will be selected as well as some reference pigments (high performance pigments) and the requirements of final pigments and materials will be defined. The multi-functional pigments development will be performed in WP2 and WP3 will be dedicated to the multi-functional pigments dispersion in different matrix. A complete characterization of the developed pigments and materials will be performed in WP4. In WP7 Life Cycle Assessment, Cost Analysis and recycling and safety evaluation will be carried out.

Work packages 5 and 6 are dedicated to Demonstration activities. WP5 will be focused on the manufacturing process up-scaling, and in WP6 materials prototypes will be prepared and tested. Another WP will be focused on the dissemination and exploitation of project´s results (WP8). Finally, work package 9 (WP9) is dedicated to the Project management. NUBIOLA PIGMENTOS will assume the responsibilities for the overall management of the project and as described in section 2.1 will be supported by Tekniker.

TEKNIKER will also assume the role of SCIENTIFIC COORDINATOR, and will be responsible for monitoring the adequate conciliation between activities of the different work packages of the work program and it will ensure the consistency of the actions carried out by each partner during the course of the project.